Loes van Duijvendijk


Loes van Duijvendijk is a photographer based in Rotterdam. From a constant longing for being elsewhere she mindfully explores the urban and natural environment through photography. Her work is a personal and poetic translation of her experience in this proces. Therefore the relationship between photography and the perception of space plays an important role. By questioning the familiar way of representing places, the focus is on those singular details and structures that intrigue her.

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Waterschap Brabantse DeltaVers Beton, Air Rotterdam, Perron 14, Gemeente Rotterdam, FPBA, Humankind, Gers Magazine, Groot Handelsgebouw, Motel Mozaique, New Dawn, AMP Rotterdam, Pleinbioscoop, Belcentrale, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Rotterdamse Nieuwe, Sophia Kinderziekenhuis, Treatwell and Yeds.