Loes van Duijvendijk Photography


I’m a photographer from Rotterdam. My poetic images are an ode to the place where they have been taken. My portfolio is a celebration of the 'city' phenomenon and aims to challenge us to view the urban environment with new eyes. As an architecture and landscape photographer, the desire to visually discover, observe and document a place is the basis of my work. In both my autonomous work and in the work that I make on commission, I let my curiosity and intuition guide me to arrive at a visual statement about a specific area.

All images © 2011 - 2021 Loes van Duijvendijk

Selected clients:

Academie van Bouwkunst, FPBA, Gemeente Rotterdam, Gers Magazine, Groot Handelsgebouw, Humankind, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Motel Mozaique, New Dawn, NUL Architecten, OMIPerron 14, Pleinbioscoop, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Publieke Werken Rotterdam, Rotterdamse Nieuwe, Spring architecten, ST-Duo design, Stichting Droom en Daad, Studio HartzemaVers Beton, Waterschap Brabantse Delta, Zoë d’Hont


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