Loes van Duijvendijk Photography

City Fragments

Rotterdam-Zuid 2020-2021

Solo exhibition at OMI Rotterdam 01.10.21 - 14.11.21

‘Rotterdam is known as a city of architectural icons. But these appear only occasionally in the background of the work of photographer Loes van Duijvendijk. She looks instead for striking details of the everyday streetscape and cityscape. Colourful facade patterns and high-contrast walls form part of the project City Fragments. During her city walks she follows her intuition and curiosity, searching for compositions where light and shadow, texture and geometry come together. At OMI, Van Duijvendijk is presenting her photographs in a spatial installation by architect Rolf van der Leeuw. The exhibition invites visitors to roam through the space, with constantly changing perspectives on her work and on the city’. - OMI Rotterdam