Loes van Duijvendijk Photography

Volkskrant - de Bolwoningen

Photography for the Volkskrant. The unique Bolwoningen, designed by artist and designer Dries Kreijkamp (1937-2014) were part of the 64 projects built during the Post65 period with the help of a special national fund for experimental housing. The Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed is surveying these homes to ensure they remain protected. 



House R - Eindhoven

Photography for Studio of Things

‘A simple volume where space, light, use of materials and color create quality for family life.
Located in the Strijp R district on the edge of the forest, Wielewaal estate, at short distance from the Philips de Jonghpark and within walking distance of the lively Strijp-S district’. - Eek and Dekkers

Online publication: The [radical] project



Selected projects for architect Frederik Pöll, Rotterdam




Eindgemaal, Postjesweg

Photography for Bureau VanEig


Post ‘65 Pompenburg, Rotterdam

Photography for Vers Beton: about architectural heritage from 1965-1990 in Rotterdam.

Article: ‘Behoud de Pompenburgflat als beeldbepalend erfgoed van na 1965’ 

Text: Joosje van Geest