Loes van Duijvendijk Photography

Photo Essay - HUIG Magazine #21

‘De Klimaatopgave’ - RAVB

‘The climate crisis is comprehensive and the scale at which we must act is sometimes overwhelming. We're not doing enough. We don't act fast enough. Everything has to be different. We run the risk of becoming despondent at our own inability. How do we escape fatalism?

Perhaps we should take a closer look at our immediate living environment. Perhaps there we will find guidance for acting in the future. Searching for and documenting leads for a sustainable future in our own city was the assignment we gave photographer Loes van Duijvendijk. With her camera she searched for different cityscapes where the slow transformation of the city is caused by the existing nature. Between the cracks in the asphalt, the space between the concrete, the pores of the brick and the edges of the city’. 

Text by Thijs van Spaandonk